Information Literacy Skills Program (ILSP)

The ILSP is the academic program of the Learning Resources Center. It is integrated into the Reading program for the strengthening of study and work skills. Librarians implement the program from Nursery to Grade 7 students.


  1. To develop among our students the ability to learn from an abundant information.

  2. To help students master information skills and become adults capable of learning over a life time.

  3. To provide opportunities that will develop love for reading.

Mandated Areas of Focus:

  • Competence

  • Character

  • Culture

ILSP Teachers SY 2009-2010

EED Librarian:          Mrs. Rosario Alfonso

Grade 1 Librarian:     Mrs. Jane Diaz

Grade 2 Librarian:     Ms. Maricar Polestico

Grade 3 Librarian:     Mr. Francisco Concepcion

Grade 4 Librarian:     Mrs. Jane Diaz and Ms. Maricar Polestico

Grade 5; 6 Librarian: Mrs. Conchita Olivares

Grade 7 Librarian: Mr. Reagan Austria


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