Darren Ting of 5D Artwork Exhibit

Venue: Primary Non Fiction Area, GS Library
Date: November 21-30, 2011

LIRC invites you to Darren Ting’s Artwork Exhibit at the Primary NonFiction Area in GS LRC.  This mini-exhibit runs from November 21 to 30, 2011.  Part of this exhibit are recommended books that can help the students draw and  explore their creative side. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Darren started his passion for drawing when he was a member of the Art Club. His inspiration includes friends, classmates and family. To enhance his love for the arts, he regularly attends his art class beyond school hours. He believes that proper sketching is the foundation of a good painting.

Mr. Alex Santos, his class adviser and Mr. Ron Evangelista, class mentor and CLE teacher, brought the entire 5D last November 23, 2011 for an art appreciation session.  Darren shared his passion and answered all the questions asked by his classmates. His classmates were all amazed and surprised with the works of Darren. 


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