Filipiniana Book of the Week: ENVIRONMENTAL BOOKS

Carbon footprints…climate change…Deforestation…Drought…Ecological Disturbance…Greenhouse Effect…

These are just some of the terms we’ve been hearing in the last decade.  A lot of resources and media by-product lure us into giving our share in helping save the environment and yet there is really much to be done to even start it.

November is Environmental Awareness Month.  To help kick-off the event, the HS LRC displayed several books about the environment and books on how you can contribute in solving global warming in your own little way.  Incidentally, our Filipiniana Books of the Week talk about biodiversity in the Philippines and the current state of our country’s environment.

“The State of the Philippine Environment, published and regularly updated by IBON, provides baseline data and is a factual guide and quick reference for environmental activists and students.

This new edition offers updates not only on statistical data and information on the environment but also on the ecological problems posing further degradation and danger to the environment. It hopes to instill environmental consciousness to a greater number of Filipinos.”  This book is available at the HS Filipiniana section with call number F 333.7 St2 2006.

“Educators, students and community facilitators and trainers on environmental education will find this book useful in enriching their understanding of the basic concepts and principles of biodiversity and its relevance to their daily lives. Explanations of technical terms have been simplified by sprinkling every page with stories, illustrations, photos and colorful sidebar features of fast facts. This book is funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands through the A NEST for Biodiversity Conservation in the Philippines Project and the European Commission through the GOLDEN Forests project.” Philippine Biodiversity for beginners is available at the HS Filipiniana Section, F 333.95 P53 2006.


Cervania, B. (2007, June 24). The green revolution. The Sunday Times Magazine,108, no.254, B6. Retrieved November 16, 2011, from,8378837

The state of the Philippine environment (3rd ed.). (2006). Quezon City, Philippines: IBON Databank and Research Center.


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