NOVEMBER author of the month

by: Mrs. Conchita Teresa M. Olivares

The Philippines celebrates two significant events in November, the Library and Information Services Month and the National Book Week with this year’s theme: “Libraries for Progress”.

To highlight  these events, we are featuring our homegrown author Scott Lee Chua who did not simply write  but won an award as well. His essay “Of Pixels and Power” won second prize in the Kabataan Essay Division, English Category, of the 2011 Palanca Awards for Literature. At 12, he is the youngest winner this year. His “Top Ten Travels”  books  journaled his  experiences and places he had been to such as Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, and New Zealand.His latest release are: Top Ten Travels Manila, Cebu and Davao. His work series was illustrated by Rommel Estanislao and published by Anvil Publishing.

Much has been said and written about Scott yet we can never get enough of  him. See how he answered some of the “Frequently Asked Questions”  in this video interview conducted last October 25, 2011.


Thanks to Ms. Nerissa Villadiego of the LIRC for taking the video footages, and to Mr. Stephen Alfonso of the ITS for editing the video.


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One thought on “NOVEMBER author of the month

  1. Hi Scott, Auntie Malu pointed me to this webpage. Congrats for the interview! Dad and I, and Grandpa in heaven are proud of you ! Joel (U), good work for being reader of the month! Ms. Olivares, thanks for conducting the interview, Ms Villadiego for taking the footage, Mr Alfonso for editing. Great work!

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