Professional Book Review for November

 Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi


 Here is the review of School Library Journal website on the book.
Unbounded Chaos

“Bright Sands Beach stretched into the distance, a tarred expanse of sand and puddled seawater, littered with the savaged bodies of…oil tankers and freighters….It was as if the Scavenge God had come amongst the ships, slashing and chopping…and then left the corpses scattered carelessly behind. And wherever the huge ships lay, scavenge gangs like Nailer’s swarmed like flies.”

Young teen Nailer spends his days stripping copper wiring from abandoned oil tankers and his nights in a squatter’s hut on the beach, in Paolo Bacigalupi’s. Coastal cities, drowned by the effects of global warming, are packed with “rust rats” eking out a desperate subsistence selling whatever they can scavenge.

After a “city killer” hurricane hits, Nailer discovers an exquisite clipper ship wrecked on the beach, and must choose between stripping its riches or saving its lone survivor, Nita, a beautiful young shipping heiress whose family is embroiled in a deadly power struggle. Colliding social classes underlie Ship Breaker’s tautly thrilling tale of two teens learning to see beyond themselves in a dangerous world. Philosophical questions of loyalty, humanity, and family are woven through the fast-paced and imaginative story, replete with genetically engineered creatures and astoundingly high-tech pirates.



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