Filipiniana Book of the Week: REGIONAL PROFILES

Today it is no longer possible to ride ferries similar to those we had when I was a child. The riverbeds are swollen. The eroded banks have caused the river to inundate. The forest has been degraded. Sadly, I realized that my generation and those that shall come after have forever lost the beauty and the blessing of the Pulangi River.

Regional Profiles, p.155

Regional Profiles: People and Places is about the 17 regions of the Philippines. Each of the regional sections contains essays, maps, photos, illustrations, statistics, and trivia on the geography, environment, history, industry, and people and culture of the region.

Providing a wealth of information, this book is a substantial reference material for students, teachers, and other individuals interested in the Philippine regions. 

Pedagogical values Can be used to teach the scenic spots, industries, and personalities of each Philippine region.

This text is available at the GS Filipiniana Section and will soon be available in Xavier School Nuvali Library with the call number:

F 959.90021 R26


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