MLA Book Selection

May 23, 2011, the High School Department Heads and MLA’s were invited by the HS Learning Resource Center headed by Mrs. Ruth de Luna, for an annual major book selection. The administrators who joined the said activity were Ms. Thess Ladrido Assistant Principal for Academics, Ms. Perpetual Florika Cuevas of the Filipino Department, Mrs. Rovelita Bermejo of the Math Department, Mr. Exxon Yu of the Social Science Department, Mr. Roberto dela Cruz of the Science Department, Mr.Holden Angeles of the Campus Ministry Office,  Mr. Emmanuel Santos of the Guidance Office, Mr. Christian Bumatayo of the English Department, and Mr. Alvin Ang the Assistant Principal for Formation. Mrs. Ruth de Luna served as the school’s representative to select books for Xavier School Nuvali.

            The group visited three major publishers, Forefront, Cengage Learning Ltd., and Fullybooked, and was accompanied by Ms. Sally, of the Forefront Publishing.  At exactly eight in the morning, the group left Xavier School and went straight to the Forefront Publishing warehouse .The teachers made themselves busy selecting books for their respective departments; it took the teachers an hour to finish browsing and selecting books for evaluation.

The teachers left the Forefront Publishing warehouse before ten in the morning and went straight to Ortigas Ave where the Cengage Publishing is located. For this next stop, the group spent another hour browsing and selecting books. Before the teachers left they were provided with catalogs of other books available in the market. At exactly twelve noon, the teachers had lunch in Taguig courtesy of the Forefront Publishing, after which the group en route to the Fullybooked Bookstore for another book selection and spent more than an hour selecting fiction, inspirational books and a lot more. Fullybooked Bookstore is known in their wide selection of fiction books, while the first two specialize in tradebooks and textbooks.

It was indeed very exhausting yet a very informative and productive day for the teachers who enjoyed getting books for their department’s use.  The teachers were back in Xavier School at exactly three thirty in the afternoon, just on time for another school activity.


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