Rediscovering Local Journals

by: Conchita Teresa M. Olivares
Local journals are often times judged by their covers. On the outside, they may not be so enticing but wait until you read their contents.
The ILRC maintains its subscription to two (2) local journals, namely: Enterprenuer and the The Modern Teacher for the right reasons:
The Entreprepeur is intended for the High 3 students, but anyone who has a knack for business may just be the right read.
This magazine is condered to be YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS. It is an indispensable handbook for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, provides the best practices that help identify good business opportunities as well as eliminate guesswork in starting or growing a business. It also provides nuts-and-bolts tips and inspirational features that give readers a framework for success.
So why not read Enterpreneur today? Just check the recent copy at the HSLRC Periodical Section or its online version found on this website for more.



The Modern Teacher on the other hand is one local journal intended for Grade School teachers. It is published every month except for April and May.
This professional journal does not only contain articles on teachers and teaching, but includes parenting, and Filipino literary works as well. Index to articles found in this journal may be accessed from this blog or check out the print issue from the GSLRC -Teacher’s Collection Room now.

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2 thoughts on “Rediscovering Local Journals

  1. Hi! Where can I find or get the contact information of The MODERN TEACHER journal? I’ve been looking for it in the internet but I cannot find any detail about it. Hope you can provide me an access of getting their contact info. Thank you! Godbless!

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