Newly Acquired Materials for EED LRC

by Teacher B

I am an animal who likes to bark and go for walks.  What am I?

I deliver the newspaper to your house everyday.  Who am I?

In the puzzle game, Search and Learn Down My Street, kids will surely love to get to know the people, animals and things around their community.  The boys will surely love to put the puzzles together, and answer questions about the community.  EED teachers can now borrow this puzzle game (GA 307 Se1) from the LRC along with other new materials about the community like:

Lace It! Transportation
Search & Learn down my street
Search & Learn Farm
People work
We need Fire Fighters
We need Doctors
We need Nurses
We need Dentists
We need farmers
We need Veterinarians
People, places and things
Meet the people in your neighborhood: Teachers!
Who are the people in your neighborhood
I want to be somebody new
Meet the people in your neighborhood: Police Officers!

Teacher B prepared a list of all the newly acquired materials available at the EED LRC.  To download the complete list, click here.

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