Eco-CHRISTMAS tree at the HS

How many plastic bottles of C2, One, Viva, Absolute, Nestea, gulaman, and other bottled drinks sold at the Xavier School canteens were used to build this eco-Christmas tree at the HS LRC? This is the question we posted at the Library’s exhibit area as we greet the students and teachers a MERRY CHRISTMAS this December.

In support to the school’s Environmental Awareness (EA) Month, led by the Green Team of Dr. Joseph Ng and the HS Science department, the iLRC decided to continue the advocacy this Christmas season and let the eco-Christmas tree be an alternative gift in this joyous event, and this time to Mother Earth.

An article from Manila Bulletin (December 12, 2009) entitled Give Mother Earth a Break this Christmas! , says that in 2003, the Philippines produced 27, 3967 tons of garbage in a day. 1/3 came from Metro Manila with 2.41 million tons of hazardous materials generated by more than 100,000 companies. But during the holiday season, the solid waste generation shoots up to 3,000 to 4,000 to 5,000 to 7,000 tons per day. (!)

Isn’t that alarming?! So this Christmas, as the article suggests, why don’t we give Mother Earth a break?


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