Awesome Comic Books!

The HS English Department had its Let’s Get Graphic – Comic Convention last week, organized by Mr. Toshi Alibudbud, HS English teacher, comic books enthusiast and a dear friend of the library. Invited speakers were Prof. Emil Flores, Benedict Bartolome, John-D Borra and Oliver (will verify his last name).

Many thanks to Mr. Oliver for commending the HS LRC through his blog, Alternatural Thoughts, particularly, our comic books collection.

“The Xavier high school library was awesome, by the way; students can borrow X-Men Essentials, Watchmen, and other trade paperbacks. Toshi told me that they had to really fight for the inclusion of comic books in their library. Wish the libraries from the schools I went to had a wonderful selection, too. That is one cool place.”

Read his entire post here:


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