Pinoy Author

by Mrs. Jane Diaz, Librarian

Apolonio “Pol” Medina, Jr. is a Filipino, one the country’s leading cartoonists best known for creating Pugad Baboy, a black and white comic strip first published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 18, 1988. He graduated from University of Sto Tomas in 1983 with a degree in architecture. In 1985, a year after securing his professional license, he went to Iraq at the height of the Iran-Iraq war to work for an Italian construction company.

In 1986, he started scripting and drawing characters for a new cartoon about a community of fatsos and a dog named Polgas. In 1987, he worked as an architect for a firm in San Juan City.

In September 1992, he co-founded Pugad Baboy, Inc. with seven other people. Three years later, the company folded when Pol Medina left in order pursue a career in the advertising industry.

Currently he has another company, Pol Medina Jr. Novelties, dedicated to merchandise based on the strip, including compilations.

Pol’s comic strips are a satire on the Filipino family and their idiosyncrasies, making his characters close to the heart of many Pinoys.

The Life and Times of Pol Medina Jr.


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