Chinese Mediashoppe

by Laoshi Benita Chua

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The Learning Resource Center conducted a mediashoppe for the Chinese Department last August 12, 2010, held at the Storytelling Area of GSLRC.  This activity aimed to showcase the newly acquired Chinese materials and to discuss with the Chinese teachers the role of the library in the Chinese curriculum.

The activity was well-attended by the Chinese teachers and administrators. During the session, the Chinese teachers discussed with the librarian their concerns about the materials they need for classroom use.  Likewise, the librarian invited the Chinese teachers to visit the library more often so that they will be aware of the materials available in the LRC.  The library and the Chinese Department agreed to plan more activities that will encourage and motivate the students to read more Chinese books.

The activity proved to be successful.  The LRC feels the need to do this yearly to keep the Chinese teachers aware of the LRC’s program and materials for the Chinese Department.


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