Glog: Technology of the Week

For many people who is not into writing, blogging is such a chore.  Vlog or video logs are also sometimes hard to maintain if you are not the extrovert type.  But after Blog and Vlog come GLOG.  Glog stands for Graphic Log, an interactive, high on graphics type of communication, enabling users to express themselves through media — pictures, video, audio and links.  It’s digital scrapbook in nature made interactive by the inclusion of media.

One website offering such feature is Glogster.Com.  You just have to register an existing email, create an account and you are free to work on your first glog.  While free registration will only allow limited number of glogs, sharing the link with other people will earn you extra glogs if they view your work.

This kind of posts enables people who are more visually motivated to express themselves than to write or record their thoughts.  The picture above is the screenshot of my first Glog in glogster, to view the interactive post, click here.  Try it now, and change the way you express yourself.

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