Buwan ng Wika 2010

by Mrs. Jane Diaz

The celebration of Buwan ng Wika was declared by Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos through Proclamation no.1041 which states the month of August as Buwan ng Wikang Filipino.

To show nationalism and patriotism for our country, the Grade School LRC, together with GS Filipino celebrates Buwan ng Wika beginning August 18, 2010. We have prepared activities which aim to expose the students to LRC’s wide collection of children’s stories written by Filipino authors. Tagged as “Piyesta ng Kwentista”, LRC  will feature selected faculty from the Grade School Unit to deliver award-winning Filipino children’s books.  Likewise, these books will be displayed in the LRC to remind the students of the month-long celebration.  The Storytelling Corner of the LRC will be open to students during recess and lunch time to entice the students to read and borrow Filipiniana books. Students are also encouraged to participate in “Top 10 Picked of the Day” by filling out a strip of paper that says “Gusto kong basahin ang aklat na ito!“.  List of these books will be posted inside the venue.   Students who are into Arts will enjoy the activity “Draw your favorite Filipino Book Character” to be displayed in the LRC’s Storytelling Corner. There will also be a filmviewing for Grades 1 to 7 featuring the films Lastikman, Gagamboy and Manila 1945.  The first two titles will introduce our young boys to local Superheroes.

We hope that through these activities we may help our students develop their love for books and a habit of reading.

To see the complete list of activities, click here.


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