Heaven’s Butterfly

by Sarah Elizaga

A few weeks ago a parent went inside the GSLRC to donate a book. The father was on the verge of tears as he tries to explain why he was donating the book and wanted it to become a part of the collection.  It turned out that the father we were talking to was the same father who a few months back faced the most difficult part of his life — that of losing a son, Francis Matthew Ty.  Matthew was Xavier School student who joined our Creator last May 25, 2010.  This book was an important part of their lives as it helped them go on with their everyday activities.

The book is called Heaven’s Butterfly (Paruparo ng Langit).  It was written by Cathy and Pia Guballa and illustrated by Frances Alcaraz.  The authors created the story to help children cope with the loss of a loved one through death.  Each page of the story book gives an account of Migi’s journey before he finally joined the Creator.   As the story ends, the authors give hope to families that there will always be something that will remind us of those who have gone ahead of us.  And that  we will be reunited with them someday in a place called Heaven.


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