Newly Acquired Books

by Ms. MC Polestico, HS Librarian

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I have read in the internet that during this day and age books are now beginning to be a thing of the past because of the onset of the internet and television as the main form of entertainment.

I still believe that reading is still the best form of learning and there are ways on how to promote reading and love for books among our students. One way of encouraging library users to read is by providing them with timely and up-to date books and materials in the library. That’s why the LRC has just released new batch of newly acquired quality books for our users. These books are carefully chosen by a committee that is composed of the librarians, faculty members, DCs and principals of both the GS and HS department. We hope that the effort they gave will somehow keep you inspired, learned and entertained.

If you want to see more of these new books, come and visit the LRC now and have a fun and enjoyable reading!

Click here to see the complete list of newly-acquired books.

View the slide show


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