by Mrs. Sarah Elizaga, Asst. Head for iLRC

I’ve seen people getting hooked with puzzles.  Be it something online, on trivia books or even on old newspapers, puzzles have “puzzled” many students and teachers.  Others start with it and pass them along with their friends, while some don’t stop until the last word has been decoded.  It then dawned into me, that if puzzles have these effect on people then why not use it in classroom.

One website that allows everyone to create their own puzzle is called PUZZLEMAKER.  It’s an online program that doesn’t require any log-in.  Teacher or student will just choose from the type of puzzles available, and they will be prompted to fill-in the details about the puzzle they’re making.  Puzzlemaker can create the following activities:

  • criss-cross
  • double puzzles
  • word search
  • cryptograms
  • number blocks
  • letter tiles
  • math squares
  • hidden messages
  • fallen phrases
  • mazes

Many studies have concluded that puzzles are good brain exercises, why not try one to enhance learning inside the classroom.


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