Book Selection Is A Tough Task Too!

by: Clarisse Arcadio, GS English

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Last May 7, 2010, nineteen middle level administrators (MLAs) along with a few other selected teachers from different departments participated in the Book Selection Activity. This activity happens twice a year – once during the summer and the other during the International Book Fair, which will happen some time in September. The purpose of this activity is for the school to acquire relevant and much needed reference materials early enough.

Last Friday, we left school a little past 8:30 a.m. Our first destination was Forefront Books, which was located somewhere in the Gilmore residential area. It was my first time to be part of this activity, so I did not really know what to expect. My task as the Assistant to the English Department Chair was to choose reference materials that would help the teachers improve the classroom lessons and experiences especially for the Reading and Language subject areas. I suppose that there was really nothing much to it, but it being my first time, I was a little unsure. Once we arrived at the venue and entered the building, we immediately scanned the shelves, checking the titles of the books to see which could be useful. We were asked to simply place the books we chose on a smaller rack. These selected books would then be sent to Xavier and then the teachers of each department would evaluate them based on the relevance and price. The place was a little cramped but the books were overflowing, and we really did not mind the tiny space as we helped each other out by getting books that we deemed necessary for other subject areas and passing it on to the representatives. Once we were satisfied with our selections, we were grateful to be served a simple mid-morning snack.

Our next stop was McGraw-Hill publishing company located in the Ortigas area. We followed the same process as the first venue. They, of course, offered a different selection of books and materials, so we were able to accumulate several stacks. We did not stay that long, however, since it was almost lunch time. We had lunch at El Pueblo which was within the vicinity.

The last venue for the Book Selection activity was Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. We were especially anticipating this one since it is the largest Fully Booked branch with a Starbucks branch inside it to boot. What a treat for us! This time there was much room to spread out. In fact, we got lost among all the floors and shelves, and filled one to two baskets each. When all official tasks were accomplished, we met at the exit and happily traveled back to Xavier School.

Selecting books is not quite an easy task, but it is an enjoyable necessity that must be accomplished, and I’m sure that the next Book Selection activity in September will be another adventure for us.



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