Word of the Week : end




  1. the terminal point or part of any material object that has length
  2. the part of an object that is near either extremity
  3. the point in time at which some process ceases; hence, the conclusion of any work or operation
  4. the farthest limit of the space occupied by any extended object
  5. the purpose in view
  6. an inevitable or natural consequence
  7. the close of life
  8. a fragment; remnant
  9. a player stationed at the end of a line, as in football
  10. in archery, a unit of shooting toward a butt; in England, three arrows; in the United States, six

-at loose ends-

– in an unsettled or confused state

-in the end-

– at last

-to the end that-

– in order that

synonyms: (noun) accomplishment, achievement, bound, boundary, cessation, close, completion, consequence, consummation, design, effect, expiration, extent, extremity, finale, finis, finish, fulfillment, goal, intent, issue, limit, outcome, period, point, purpose, result, termination, terminus, tip, utmost, uttermost.


SOURCE: 2000. The New International Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus. Encyclopedic Edition. Florida : Trident Press International.  CALL NO. > R 423 N42 2000 / HS LRC


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