Borrower of the Week : Kyle Chua, H1A


Kyle Cedric Chua, H1A

Kyle is one of the most avid visitors of the HS Library. He usually comes to the LRC every lunch period, spending most of his break time in reading. Whenever he borrows books, he always inquires about other titles, especially when the book he is interested in comes in a series. Among the titles that he has read are the following:

Dragonsinger / M12d 2005

Dragondrums / M12d 2008

 The Manga guide to electricity / 537 F95m 2009

Signspotting III: lost and loster in translation III / 659.1342 Si2 2008

The Renegades of Pern / M12r 1989

Hardboiled & Hardluck / Y8h 2005

Kokology : the games of self-discovery / TC 158.21 N13k 2000

Kokology 2: more of the game of self discovery / TC 158.21 N13k 2001


contributed by Ms. Neri Villadiego, iLRC



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