Word of the Week : emergency



– noun –

– an unexpected and dangerous situation that must be dealt with immediately

We had an emergency evacuation drill this morning in school.

*emergency meeting/repairs/exit/etc

The President called an emergency meeting of the cabinet last night.

The airplane needed an emergency repair when it landed in Sydney.

Building inspectors make sure that emergency exits are clearly marked.

*emergency brake – a piece of equipment in a car that you pull up with your hand to stop the car from moving

*emergency cord – a chain that a passenger pulls to stop a train in an emergency

*emergency room – a place in the hospital where people who have been hurt in accidents are taken for treatment

*emergency services – the official organizations, for example, the police, that deal with crimes, fires, and injuries


SOURCE: 2001. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Third Edition. England : Pearson Education. CALL NO. > R 423 L86 2001 / HS LRC


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