Rizal Library’s Newspapers on DVD @ the HS LRC


Perhaps not everyone knows that the old newspaper articles (we call it vertical files) that we have been storing for years now have been shelved permanently (deselected) from the iLRC’s main collection. But considering its importance to many high school students conducting research, the iLRC has acquired a database of Philippine Star articles in digitized format, produced by The Ateneo Rizal Library Photoduplication Services. It’s called the Rizal Library Newspapers in DVD.

Available now at the HS LRC (and soon at the GS LRC) are digitized Philippine Star issues from 2000-2008.  All articles are searchable by title, author and subject.  Users have the options of either saving the file (and emailing it), and printing the article(s) right to the circulation desk.  Full text articles, columns, and images may also be cropped directly from the database’s main  program window.

Just this week, some H3 students took advantage of this innovation during their Filipino research class, with their teacher Ms. Perps Cuevas.  (Please see their photos below.)

Finding articles in this database is just as easy as searching in Google or in OPAC. We hope more students, teachers and staff, would also give it a try!



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