Filipiniana Book of the Week: 100 Events that Shaped the Philippines

Amidst the chaos of the upcoming election and the EDSA People Power Revolution it is good to remember two of the most important events that has changed the history of the Philippines.

Before 1930s, women do not have the right to vote. It was on September 15, 1937 that the National Assembly passed a law to give women the right of suffrage and to give them a chance to help in building the nation.

TRIVIA #2:February 22-25, 1986 is tagged as the climax of the country’s long struggle with dictatorship. It is in this period, that the 20-year rule of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was finally ended by the people’s clamor. This event is now known as the 1986 People Power Revolution.

Get to know more of these and other events that shaped our country and its people in the book, 100 Events that Shaped the Philippines, our Filipiniana Book of the Week.  Call NumberF 959.9 On2 1999


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