Filipiniana Book of the Week : The Hidden Costs of Clean Election Reform



The Hidden Costs of Clean Election Reform

Frederic Charles Schaffer

CALL NO.> F 324 Sch4t 2008 / HS LRC

The Philippines will have another milestone in history when Filipino voters experience the  first ever automated election this May 2010, hoping that technology would help facilitate clean and accurate results, as to who the next leaders of our country will be.  Know more about the conduct of elections – the process of registration, how voters cast their ballots and how these votes are counted, and their implications on our democratic ideals.


Other Filipiniana books on elections:

The Philippine presidential election of 1953 / F 324.2 C79p / GS LRC

Philippine Democracy Assessment : free and fair elections and the democratic role of political parties / Edna E.A. Co / F 324.95 C63p 2005 / HS LRC

In the name of civil society : from free election movements to people power in the Philippines / Eva Lotta Hedman / F 320.9599 H35i 2006 / HS LRC


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