iLRC 3rd Quarter Activities


By: Conchita Teresa M. Olivares, Maricar Polestico and Liza Utanes

November is a very significant month for libraries in the country because it is designated to celebrate National Book Week. National Book Week is an event organized by the Philippine Library Association intended to encourage reading and literacy among Filipinos and to promote libraries the Philippines. It is celebrated annually during the last week of November.


This year’s NBW theme “Kaaya-ayang mag-basa sa Kapaligirang Kay-ganda” emphasized the importance of reading and at the same time caring for the environment. 

In line with the theme, the iLRC prepared bulletin board displays and activities promoting reading and raising awareness in protecting the environment through the following:

Book Display – books about caring for the environment were displayed near the entrance.


Graffiti: My Favorite Book – This is an activity that allowed the students and faculty and staff to express their choice and insights about books. From their responses we found out the top three books that they love most.


Grade 1 –                            Geronimo Stilton

                                          I Spy

                                          Jokes from the krusty krab                           

Grade 2 –                            Harry Potter


                                          Geronimo Stilton

Grade 3 –                             Harry Potter


                                          Diary of a wimpy kid

Grade 4 –                            Diary of a wimpy kid

                                          Harry Potter

                                          New Moon

Grade 5 –                            39 clues

                                          Diary of a wimpy kid

                                          Lao Fuzi

Grade 6 –                            Diary of a wimpy kid

                                          39 clues

                                          Lao Fuzi

Faculty & Staff –              Alchemist

                                          Little Prince

                                          Tuesdays with Morrie             


Superheroes Character Exhibit – This exhibit showcased various DC and Marvel comics characters courtesy of Sage Christian Ng of Gr. 3H.



Christmas Wish List

              Christmas is the time for sharing our blessings to others. This is also the time when we make our wishes and hope that they will come true. The iLRC provided an activity to allow the school community to share their wishes and here are some of them:


I wish I was just like St. Francis Xavier.” Andre Leng-Ay, I-C

I wish my grandmother will be cured so she can go home.”Marc Obeles, 2-E

I wish that I can be a behave boy in the iLRC. – Migs Abada, 3-G

I wish my attitude to change.” Austin Co, 4-F

I wish that more and more street children will find homes and the victims of all calamities would be safe and happy and more donations will come in for them.”Andrew Santos., 5-H

I wish that my dad will feel better and I’ll have good grade.”Winchell Liao, 6E

I wish I will be better in my English subject. Paul Gue, 7-A

“ I wish to complete my Harry Potter collection.” – Karen Miclat, Science Teacher

I wish to have equality amongst men. High School Student

PEACE in Mindanao especially in Maguindanao Province “ – High School Student



     Wishes may not be granted all the time, however, one should not get tired of  hoping that someday his/her wishes will come true.

Merry Christmas to everyone!




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