New Batch of Open Access Online Journals


For high school students doing research this quarter, you might want to take a look at these resources from Science Alert , an online database of free electronic journals in various disciplines such as agricultural sciences, business and management, earth sciences, environmental sciences, medicine, animal and veterinary sciences, chemistry, economics, materials sciences, physics, biomedical sciences, computer science, engineering, mathematics and statistics, and social sciences. Should you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to approach us at the Circulation Desk.

African Journal of Environmental Science & Technology

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

American Journal of Food Technology

Asian Journal of Algebra

Asian Journal of Applied Sciences

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences  

Asian Journal of Earth Sciences

Asian Journal of Information Management

Asian Journal of Marketing

Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics

Asian Journal of Rural Development

Asian Journal of Scientific Research

Information Technology Journal

The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance

Journal of Applied Sciences

Journal of Artificial Intelligence

Research Journal of Business Management

Research Journal of Information Technology

Research Journal of Physics

Trends in Applied Sciences Research

To browse the list by subject, please click here.

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