Book Bug Award


As a way of encouraging positive behavior in the library and to develop a genuine love for reading through active  participation in the library period activities, T’ Bhie and T’ Eman prepared a contest for all the Nursery and Prep boys; the “Book Bug Award”. It was launched during their library periods last week and will end by December 11.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Each class/section will be given a head of a caterpillar which will serve as their pet and will let it grow by adding tails. The heads of the caterpillars will be posted in the EEDLRC.
  2. Every library period, the librarian will rate how the class behaved and will give tails for the caterpillar at the end of the period. Extra points may be given to classes who participate well during library period activities. (ex. accomplishing worksheets, sharing of books read in the LRC, etc.)
  3. Points per library period will range from 1 – 3 with extra points when needed.  
  4. At the end of the quarter, the class with the longest caterpillar tail will be chosen as the winner and will be announced and awarded the Banner during the assembly. The award will be called “Book Bug Award”
  5. The banner will be hanged on the classroom door during the quarter.
  6. The banner will be transferred to another section who will win in the next round/quarter.


for more photos, visit iLRC’s Flickr account, or click the thumbnails at the sidebar.


written by: Mrs. Baby Alfonso, EED Librarian

photos by EAVillaverde




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