More than just a Happy Gram

More than just a Happy Gram


It has been observed that most of the GS students would always be on the “run mode” anywhere and anytime during the day. They would run as they go inside the library. During the first quarter, the ILRC has tried different strategies to make them behave and read books.


Thus, in September 2009, the library has started giving out the iLRC HAPPY GRAMS! The objectives of the activity are:

a. to develop among our students the proper behaviour in any library setting and 

b. to  give the students an opportunity to read books.

The indicators in earning a HAPPY GRAM are the basic guidelines/ rules in the Library:  the boy should be walking properly, not playing inside the room, not running, not making unnecessary noise, and most importantly, he should be reading a book.

 movie pass- copymovie pass- copymovie pass- copy

With these in mind, the iLRC personnel would give happygrams to students during recess and lunch break that would manifest the above mentioned indicators. Accumulated happy grams can be exchanged for the following items:

3 HAPPYGRAMS = one MOVIE PASS. Each movie pass allows the student to watch the film during lunch break. The movies are about values on how to preserve the environment.

10 HAPPYGRAMS = Captain Underpants keychain

20 HAPPYGRAMS = “Chris Wishes” book, or “Cars” (toy cars)

30 HAPPYGRAMS = “Animal Tracks” kit, or “Gladiator” kit

50  HAPPY GRAMS =    “Keep Out! Door alarm” kit , or “Build your own Cool Cars” kit

Interview with Vince Ty of 2B after awarding the  “39 CLUES BACKPACK”.


iLRC: Why did you aim to get the backpack?

Vince: “ I just want to get the backpack  so I behaved well”. 

iLRC: Why do you love to read books in the library?

Vince: “I love to read books in the library because they are fun to read and I learn lessons from them”.

iLRC: Now that you got the backpack, what is your plan?

Vince: “I will still continue to behave even if there is no more backpack”.

 by Emman Villaverde, iLRC


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