iLRC resources on China

magnificent china

Are you part of the next batch of participants for the Xavier China Experience? Below are some books that you might find interesting to get to know more about China and its rich and colorful culture and traditions. Read about their history, people, places to visit, food, music, and others.


List of iLRC Resources on China

  1. Lifestyle in China CALL NO. 951 G581 2007
  2. Living in China CALL NO. 937 So4r
  3. Reading in China CALL NO. 937 So4r
  4. China CALL NO. R 910 L62
  5. Treasures of China CLL NO. R 951.009 T71
  6. The Chinese Empire CALL NO. R 951 St3c
  7. The Chinese Century / Jonathan Spence CALL NO. R 951 Sp3
  8. The Republic of China / Margaret Rau CALL NO. R 951.1035 R19p
  9. China / Anne Lonsdale CALL NO. R 951 L86c
  10. China in the 20th century / Jules Archer CALL NO. R 951.04 .Ar23c
  11. Xenophobe’s guide to the Chinese CALL NO. R 951 Y1x 1995
  12. China Live: 2 Decades in the heart of the dragon CALL NO. R 951.057 .C44c
  13. China since 1945 / Stewart Ross CALL NO. R 951.05 .R71c
  14. 101 stories for foreigners to Understand Chinese People
  15. Intercontinental’s Best of China 2008
  16. Magnificent China
  17. Treasures of China  CALL NO. R 951 R22 2004
  18. Chinese Medicine CALL NO. R 610.951 C43 c1997
  19. Cultural Atlas of China CALL NO. R 951 B62c 1983
  20. Intangible Culture – Passing on the Tradition CALL NO. 306 Qli 2007
  21. Networks in China CALL NO. 621.382 Z6n 2006


For more titles, please visit the GS and HS LRCs.

cultural atlas of chinahs books about chinareference books on china

prepared by Ms. MC Polestico, GS LRC and Mr. Emman Villaverde, HS LRC

photos by Mr. Emman Villaverde


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