The following are just some of the titles among the set of new books that are now available in the iLRC.


by Debbie Bertram  (Call No. EED +E B46b )                                                                                                                                                   the best book to read

THE LITTLE BOY who loves to read is back, and this time  he and his classmates are visiting a big public library! In their signature catchy, rhyming verse, Debbie Bertram and Susan Bloom give readers a taste of the variety of books that can be found at the library. Michael Garland’s bright, graphic illustrations bring to life the array of fantastic and hilarious scenes that can result from finding the best book to read!




by Jane Hammerslough (Call No.030 H18s)                                                                                                                                                search for the vile things

This book is a series of science-based natural history books in which the reader will be transported around the world by narrator, Ephemra Churlyshe.  Ephemra’s cast of relations include nephew Maldred, niece Nettle, creepily quiet cousin Rune, & accident-prone Tode. Imagine the Addams family riding on the Magic School Bus. Each title is a place-based encyclopedia” filled with exotic and fascinating “curiosities,” including animals, plants, insects, strange customs, odd history, geology, climate, diseases, and ancient artifacts.



By O’Neill (Call No. +E On2w)

the worst bestfriendThis book tells the story of a friend who went from the bestfriend ever to suddenly the worst best friend overnight. About a story of two young boys, Mike and Conrad, who happened to be best friends. The two basically did everything together; they ate together, they read together, they played all sorts of games together.  However, three is the crowd when Victor enters the picture. He is an instant magnet for popularity and suddenly, everyone wants to be his best friend. Victor “bragged and blabbed” about his greatness.  Mike didn’t care for it while Conrad was impressed. And suddenly, Mike finds himself out of the picture while it is Conrad and Victor eating, reading, and playing together.  It is an excellent story about the power of kindness and forgiveness. But most of all, it teaches an important lesson about friendship.


Schooling Around: Treasure Fever

by Andy Griffiths (Call No. G87s)

schooling around treasure feverHenry McThrottle of Northwest Southeast Central Schoollikes telling stories. Since his school is filled with crazycharacters that live up to their names anyway, stories about school are great for him to tell.  In this book, Henry and his friends never know what’s going to happen when they go to a class.  Things get really wacky when Henry uncovers one of the school’s biggest secrets: lost treasure!  Soon, everyone in the school is on the hunt, using whatever they can to unearth the treasure and stike it rich.  Treasure fever has hit the halls of Northwest Southeast central – and the results are hysterical!



Elliot’s Park: Haunted Hike

by Patrick Carman (Call No. C21e)

haunted bikeIt’s Halloween in Elliot’s Park and the squirrels are all in costume, ready for some trick-or-treating fun. But when Elliot, Chip, Twitch, and the rest of the gang think they see a ghost in Camp Canyon, there’s a frightful mystery to be solved.  Can  Elliot and his friends figure out who is haunting the park before something scary happens and still have time to trick-or-treat? Meet Elliot and all his friends! Elliot is a very smart squirrel who loves to solve any problem he finds. This is the second book in the wonderful world of Elliot’s Park, based on Pioneer Park in Walla Walla, Washington.


THE Boy Who Dared

By Susan Bartoletti (Call No. B28b)

the boy who daredThis book is a novel based on the true story of Hitler youth and is written by a Newberry Honor Book author.  Helmuth is young when Hitler comes to power in Germany.  He is excited and feels that Germany will improve. He is happy to join the Hitler Youth. However things start to change and Helmuth begins to doubt the sincerity of Hitler and his goal for a great Germany. In Nazi Germany it is illegal to listen to foreign radio or read foreign books. You are watched and monitored by the Gestapo. Family members are reporting other family members as enemies of Germany. Innocent people are beaten until they admit to a crime that they didn’t commit. Helmuth can’t stand it and feels the need to do something. He begins to challenge the government, what he does is treasonous. He can be killed for what he does. He takes a stand with dire consequences.  Read and find out how one person can make a difference.

prepared by Mrs. Jane Diaz, Librarian


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