2 in 1

IMG_6826 copy

by Mrs. Benita Chua, Chinese Librarian

For this school year, I was given the chance to work in the Grade School Library. I am so glad that before Ms. Thelma Yam, former GS Chinese Librarian, retired from work last school year, she already oriented me on what I need to accomplish to organize and enhance the Chinese Section.

It’s really a new thing for me, I need to get familiar with so many Chinese books that the students and teachers will be using for their class. Aside from my load as a Grade 1 Chinese teacher, I also have to make sure that all references are ready for use in Chinese classes being held at the GS LRC. I have to coordinate with the teachers about their activities in which the iLRC can be of help.

I must say I enjoy working in the library because of the students that I see everyday, reading books and studying their lessons. Now I see the worth of the library and the people who work here since I can see how they care so much not only for those who love reading and but also for those who seem not to care why libraries exist.  For me, being a Chinese teacher and a librarian at the same time is a blessing, because I have realized how important libraries are and I know I can contribute a lot to promote reading among our young and help them learn Chinese better.


2 thoughts on “2 in 1

    • Hi Beng,
      Of course, I remember you. How are you doing? I am now here with the GS LRC, taking charge of the Chinese collection. Hope we can meet soon when you visit us in Xavier School.
      Best regards,

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