Test Taking Tips



Do you sweat, chew your pencil, and feel butterflies in your stomach as your teacher hands out a test? A lot of people (adults included) get freaked out when it’s time to take a test.

It’s natural to feel some stress about taking tests. In fact, sometimes a little adrenaline (a hormone made by your body during times of excitement or stress) is a good thing to jump-start you.


Here are some tips for taking tests:

1. Get enough sleep the night before the test.

Your memory recall will be much better if you’ve had enough rest.

2. Listen closely to any instructions.

As the teacher hands out the test, be sure you know what’s expected of you.

3. Read the test through first.

If something seems unclear before you start, don’t panic: ask.

4. Focus on each question.

Answer the best way you can or skip over the question you don’t know and come back to it after you’ve answered other questions.

5. Relax.

If you’re so nervous, you can wiggle your fingers and toes, take four or five deep breaths.

6. Finished already?

If you have 5 minutes until the bell rings and you’re still writing, continue working on what you can finish without panicking.

Good luck!

Source :

“KidsHealth – Test-Taking Tips – University of Minnesota Children”s Hospital, Fairview .”University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital – Home. 24 Sep. 2009 <http://www.uofmchildrenshospital.org/kidshealth/article.aspx?artid=45740&gt;.

posted by: Mrs. Jane Diaz, G3 & G4 Librarian


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