A Challenge!

by Mrs. Baby Alfonso, EED Librarian

ilsp eed teacher bThe first time I heard that I will be assigned in the EED Library, I started having sleepless nights because of fear that I might not be able to do the job well. Fortunately, I felt the support and warmth of the people in the EED who helped me overcome my anxieties.

Since then, each day became an exciting day for me here in the EED. I think it’s because of the lovable and angelic little boys that we encounter every single day.

My main task in the EED LRC is to assist the teachers in their instructional needs. I also source out new materials such as books and multimedia both for classroom instruction and enrichment activities.


how to borrow a book eedAnother task that makes me more occupied is the weekly library period for Nursery and Prep students. (The Library Period is included in the EED curriculum.) It aims to develop the love for reading among the early education students. This program, both for Nursery and Prep students, includes activities such as storytelling, film viewing, recreatory reading, and borrowing of books for Prep.


ilsp eedAside from these tasks, I also assist the teachers in borrowing books for classroom use as well as preparing, sourcing, and recommending materials for instruction. Teachers are also informed and encouraged to make use of the resources through various promotional activities. I also have to be sure that the materials are well organized for easy retrieval.



teacher b at the eed libraryBeing a librarian is a challenging task. We are the technical people behind the scene whose task is to make sure that the performance of the main character deserves applause. We are known and labeled as simply “keeper of books”, but we can assure you that we have so much to offer and do more than that.



So we challenge everyone,

if you need help…

just ask



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