New Log-In System at the GS LRC


by Neri Villadiego iLRC Staff

One of the practices of a school library is to get the number of clients who visit the area and use the resources during the day. The data helps the library come up with a relevant collection development program that would address both the academic and formation needs of the school.


In SY 2005-2006, three H4 students namely Wilhansen Lee, Roderick Tan, and Patrick Cheang created a library log-in system as a final project for their Computer Practicum Program. This log-in system aimed to computerize the manual method of getting the number of clients who enter the library. They created two versions: one for the HS LRC and one for the GS LRC. The HS LRC started to use the log-in system in school year 2006-2007.

During the second quarter of this school year, the GS Learning Resource Center has started using the log-in system created by our students in 2006. This is brought by the integration of both the Grade School and High School Learning Resource Center in aligning the policies and procedures for better service to our clients.


The GS students, faculty and staff are requested to key in the number assigned to them every time they visit the GS LRC. They key in the number listed below:

Grade 1 – press 1;

Grade 2 – press 2;

Grade 3 – press 3;

Grade 4 – press 4;

Grade 5 – press 5;

Grade 6 – press 6;

Grade 7 – press 7;

Grade School Faculty – press 8;

Grade School Staff – press 9; and

Central Administration Staff – press 0

Through this computerized counting system of clients, the iLRC hopes to give quality service to the users since the iLRC personnel can devote more time to do more important tasks in the library.

photos by EAVillaverde


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