Looking for something new? Here are some:

by Mrs. Rosario Alfonso, EED Librarian

new av mats eed-avmat

Check out these new AV resources now available at the EED-LRC!


Fraction Pie Puzzles – puzzles and games that reinforce basic fraction concepts.

Number Balance – visually demonstrates number relationships, operations, and properties, as well as pre-algebra concepts.

Early Math : Subtraction and Addition (Giant Flash Cards) – 32 flash cards that teach basic math concepts.


Flip-Flap Spell “N” Learn : Four Letter Words – an interactive teaching aid to make spellings easy to learn.

Phonics Dominoes (short vowels) and (long vowels) – Phonics Dominoes are a fun, hands-on way for beginning readers to practice word-formation skills and build their confidence on the road to reading success.

Alphabet : Slide & Learn Flash Cards – these flash cards are a fun way for the child to develop visual literacy and numeracy skills in the early childhood years.


Noah’s Ark (A Hand-Puppet Board  Book) – this hand-puppet is a

perfect way to share the tale of Noah’s ark.


Alpabetong Filipino (Flash Cards)

Katinig at Patinig (Flash Cards)


What’s Inside a House? (Puzzle) – full color illustrations on what’s inside

and outside of a house

What’s Inside a School? (Puzzle) – full color illustrations on what’s inside

and outside of a school.

What Comes Next? (Game) – a game that helps develop  coordination,

visual, and memory skills

What Comes After? (Game) – a fun game that develops logical thinking

and sequencing

What Things are Made of? (Game) – identification of products and the

things that they are made of.

Grab them now!


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